Saturday, October 25, 2014


 BOOSH ANOTHER DIARY (aka the post where I basically ruin my street cred and shamelessly embarrass myself just for you guys) ((also the post where I don't edit))

Class just makes me feel a certain way


Went back home to visit Shay!!! YOU GUYS THOUGHT WE SEPARATED DIDNT U NAH WE DIDN'T lol but in all seriousness Shay and I are still homies to the point where the person who took our pizza pic thought we were dating.

MICHELLE N EMILY. Fun fact Michelle was my first friend here n we stay homies lol she is the best. n of course Emily because Emily is gr8.

idk how Lizard and I function in class because we just ~*~*hate eachother and wanna fight~*~*~*


See you guys SunYAY with an outfit and also p.s follow me on for more of meeeee

Friday, October 24, 2014


The biggest struggle for a girl is finding the perfect dress for special occasions like events, parties, cotillions, and even prom!  I remember in my final year of High School every girl constantly talked about their excitement for prom and finding the perfect dress. It’s such a stressful time finding a dress and although my anti prom dress/ Pretty in Pink dress was so fitting for me I actually stressed out a lot about finding a dress. (mainly because my peers had extremely high standards for me)   

Don’t even get me started with Cotillions I was under extreme pressure and was on the internet everyday looking for a dress for the occasion that I actually got my dress a week before the event!

And since I don’t want you guys to experience my stress I’m going to help a brotha out by suggesting a cute dress shop and it’s called Avivadress

It literally has everything from cocktail dresses, short prom dresses, long prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses, and even bridesmaid dresses (I know right so cool!)

It’s totally a life savior because there is a huge selection at a great price and they make a conscious effort to get your dress here on time!

I swear you guys should check it out because around Prom season (which is March/April season) the only thing my friends and I talked about was “what’s your prom dress look like”  or “where can I get a good prom dress!?” and a lot of my friends became stressed out because they found it hard to find one in stores and online was such a risk! I admit I risked mines so hard because I bought my Prom dress probably a 4 weeks before prom and got it online; what’s even worse was I gambled the sizing of my dress because they ran out of size so I had to size up and pray I could somehow work it!

I hope you guys felt the stress reading that which is why I highly suggest finding a prom dress now or even just selecting a possible prom dress and since  keeps their dresses in stock and makes them you are pretty much set for prom if you go to them! Let’s also acknowledge the fact that they ask you personally for your measurements and are totally open to you contacting them about specifics in regards to making your perfect dress! 

It’s totally great am I right?

The shop also carries party dresses and if you have friends who throw cotillions like mines or have to attend special events then you understand the need to be able to access a party dress easily.  Maybe it’s just me but I noticed that there is only a small time span when extremely nice party dresses are sold (probs because there is such a thing as party season) so when your friend decides to throw her cotty in the middle of October or even January you’ll find picking a nice decent dress is impossible. Which is why is great because looking through the site I saw some party dresses I would love to own and I’ll keep saved in my bookmarks in case I have to attend an event or party again! I would even suggest getting a dress for the holidays because that is the time when everyone just wants to party! (especially on new years!)

But enough of my rambling I think you guys get the idea that is a great place to find a cute dress for all occasions at a great price so why not browse and maybe even bookmark or buy a dress for that party, cotty, wedding, or even prom! :)

So check out Avivadress!



I never really understand the whole concept of how wearing a dress is deemed fancy or an indictor you put in an effort for your outfit because honestly dresses are like wearing sweatpants to me! Which is why I love this Minkpink dress! It's the perfect print and the most easiest thing to throw on in the morning and wearing my oversized mustard cardigan makes it even easier! 
Wearing big cardigans make me feel like I'm actually wearing a giant blanket!  

I'm totally sorry all my outfits usually include me wearing these over the knee boots but let's be real guys; over the knee boots are peeeerfect fall shoes! Don't deny it I see you through my computer screen nodding in agreement!  Over the knee boots go so perfectly with cute sweaters, cardigans, and skirts it's ridiculous! 

Anyway, that's the fit and have a great Friday! :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Channeling Cher


Let me start by throwing all my books in the air because I presented and finished taking my two important midterms! It's great for me and great for you because I can upload an outfit whoop whoop!
Today's fit according my friend looks like something Cher from Clueless would wear. It makes sense I mean I did watch that movie religiously when I first got into fashion so Cher is probably my spirit animal at this point.  

Remember guys lace and plaid go great together; possibly because they both give off that sweet girl vibe and adding in a denim skirt always adds that edge you need from looking too school girl while going to school. (that made sense right?)

That's the fit and see you tomorrow with a new outfit and good luck to those taking midterms right now! :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy 18th


Let me start by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME I'M 18!!

Now that we got that out I'll talk about my birthday outfit! I basically went for a vagabond looking outfit by wearing my loose layered dress from Urban Outfitters. I paired my earthly colored boyfriend blazer to be free like a bird!  For the shoes I think I was slightly influenced by Misty Day from American Horror Story but then I could be wrong and just idealizing an outfit for her...I tend to do that for characters from TV shows I like.  

It's a bit weird being legal, I don't know man a lot has happened to me during the year I was 17 and it's semi exciting to think how much I'll change during my time as a 18 year old who knows maybe I'll get a piercing *wink*

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pink Wall

Little Mistress Dress // ZARA BAG // ZARA HEELS

If you stare for a while you'll notice something different in this outfit pic. You actually see me wearing a pink lip instead of my usual red!! (crowd gasp!) I know right I'm just mixing it up a little!

It's mainly because I wanted the focus to be on my new floral dress from Little Mistress!  I am a sucker for a good floral print dress and the pattern is so perfect for fall because of its dark color palette! For my bag I paired my cute blue ZARA bag to mix it up a little and for heels I wore my over knee boots that are glued to my feet.

That's the fit and happy Sunday! :)

*this post is sponsored**

Friday, October 17, 2014

Waitin for Nothin


I'm going to confess right now I wear this blazer once a week; it's just this blazer is oversized and goes with everything!  Since it's a warm color I layered underneath my floral cardigan that is so versatile and added in my lace turtleneck dress I recently bought. I love this top so much it's sheer and the lace is so nice! I wanted it to look more like a dress which is why I tried to hide my velvet skirt underneath. 

I'm warning you right now that you will be seeing a lot of these boots! They are from Zara and they are so perfect. The heel height is the perfect height and I can go long amounts of time walking in them plus it's great at keeping my legs warm when it gets chilly at night!