Monday, September 1, 2014

Your Mom's Jeans

ZARA Jeans // AA Crop Top // Ebay cardigan

Happy Monday guys! 

Today's outfit I mixed it up a little and wore pants! I seriously believe you can count the number of times I wear pants...

I wore your mom's jeans (like seriously) and matched it with my AA crop top.  I feel like if you are going to wear boyfriend jeans or mom jeans you should wear a tight top to remind people you do have a figure underneath! I finished my look with my floral cardigan blazer because it works so well with the boyishness of my jeans.  I wore my simple heels because with baggy jeans your heels should be a bit on the girly side.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


American Apparel Skirt // ZARA sweater // TBA boots // Topshop bag

Happy Saturday guys!
Today's outfit is a bit more chilled out. I wore my new burgendy Zara sweater that I'm so in love with.  Finding a sweater in this shade for a decent price is honestly a struggle. I paired it with my white tennis skirt because white makes everything better.  A simple outfit can always become a great outfit if you add something statement so I matched my reptile boots.  

The final touches came from adding my cross necklace and my new Topshop bag. I love this bag so much it was originally $70 but I got it for $20 because the Topshop worker put it on a personal hold for me so I could come back the next day to buy it! So sweet!

That's the fit and I will catch you guys later! I hope you have a nice Saturday! :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Adventures Before Leaving Home

If you haven't been reading my posts I'm telling you right now I actually moved out and into my dorm room.  Before that though, I had a couple adventures with friends that I was slowly piling up to create one giant post.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Soft Light

ZARA mermaid skirt // H&M top // ZARA shoes

Happy Thursday! My present to you is a new outfit post.  I actually wore this outfit when I moved into the dorms except I didn't wear the button up because I accidentally packed it...

Anyway, I wore this button up and layered over a mesh top because a mesh top is an absolutely perfect top if you live in an area that can change from hot to cold really fast. After, I layered it over my mermaid skirt.  I feel like any skirt that somewhat puffs out at the end will always look better if you just throw things over it rather than tucking it in.  

That's the fit currently I'm trying to get a diary post ready but obviously I'm lazy like a sloth so give it some time I'll start moving fast again ahah.

Have a nice Thursday and see you next outfit!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Little Mistress

Little Mistress dress // f21 jacket 

In today's outfit I wore my lovely new dress from Little Mistress.  I'm a sucker for floral and anything vintage looking so I instantly fell in love with this dress.   The dress is has a cute flowy feel but since I'm pretty short I decided to belt it so I could look like I have some type of figure.  I threw on my leather jacket over my shoulders for that edgy vibe I go for and added my black heels I wear all day everyday.

If you like the dress you can find it here

So I have finally moved into the dorms for University. The internet is semi slow and because I'm a internet hermit I decided I would try to get a wireless router with my roommate. Anyway, ah it's extremely strange for me and I admit it will take a while for me to adjust but naturally with time everything gets better!

**this post is sponsored**

Monday, August 25, 2014


Cotton On Blouse // H&M Bag // F21 jacket // ebay skirt

Today's outfit pretty easy. I wore my white button up and mixed it in with my velvet skirt because a basic button up and a skirt can easily make a great outfit.  I finished it with my black leather jacket for a uniform type of feel.  I don't know man but for some reason I love uniform looking outfits!  For the shoes I added my new white chunky platforms that my close friend Anna gave to me (thanks Anna!)

So last night the Bay Area experienced a 6.0 Earthquake at 3am and to answer the question yeah I'm doing fine! There wasn't any significant damage in my area.  Comically enough though when the Earthquake happened at 3am I was still semi asleep so there was a small second where I thought weird things like "Did someone fart really loudly that the ground is shaking??" and the second thing I thought was that the space time continuum was opened and Man Bear Pig was summoned. 

...I told you he was real. 

Anyway, that's the fit and I will see you Wednesday with a new outfit! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gotta Play It Cool

Front Row top shirt // American Apparel Skirt // ASOS beanie

 Happy Sunday guys! For today's outfit I'm once again all white (even my hair looks decently white too)  I wore my BANG white t-shirt and paired it with my white tennis skirt I wear all the time. I just can't help it I'm in love with the tennis skirt.  Anyway, I love how this outfit looks both edgy but fun at the same time. It's probably because of the print and the pleats.  Sadly, I admit after these shots I smeared eyeliner on my t-shirt, crap man this is why I can't have nice things!

That's the fit and currently there are only two remaining days left before I move out and head to the dorms for school! It will be an amazing struggle to watch me fit my closet into my dorm. Who knew it would be my closet that would cause me moving troubles!

*disclosure* this shirt was given to me for free