Friday, September 19, 2014

Second Guessing

TBA Reptile Boots // American Apparel Crop Top // H&M Blazer // ZARA bag // Regal Rose Necklace // AA denim mini skirt

In honor of Fashion Week I decided to post an outfit based on what I would wear if I went to Fashion Week.  I firmly believe that fashion week is actually the perfect time to dress casual and as true to your style as you possibly can. I see and hear a lot about how people try to put together these extremely elaborate outfits or wear things that don't fit their real style and I feel that defeats the purpose of even getting dressed for Fashion Week. You should dress in a way that's comfortable for you and also in a style that fits you. 

Talking I wore your basic white tee and basic denim but mixed it up a little by instead wearing my white crop top and denim skirt; and of course it's obviously from American Apparel.  

I threw on my oversized white blazer to add that touch of fanciness. Since I always need to add something print to my outfit so I added my reptile booties.  To top it off I wore my regal rose necklace to add some umph and my cute pink handbag because I'm Pretty in Pink if you guys haven't forgotten and because this bag is so functional like I can fit my DSLR, a water bottle, my wallet, and even my polaroid in here; I call it my Mary Poppins bag!

So that's the fit and sorry if it's a tad bit long but let's remember guys the best style is a style where you really don't give much care to what others think and rock what you want.

Thursday, September 18, 2014



Do you guys ever store cute outfit ideas in your head to use in case you are either running late or need a cute school outfit really fast?  This is totally that outfit guys. School has finally started to hit hard with a huge amount of homework needed to be done and with me taking six hour classes I needed an outfit that made me look good and fast.  

I basically layered a cute blue button up that is a closet essential and threw over my new graphic tee. Remember guys, button ups and graphic tees work super well together. It wouldn't be an Allison outfit unless I threw in more patterns and textured so I layered underneath my mermaid skirt from ZARA because flare skirts like these are meant for layering. To finish it I threw on my fuzzy cardigan but let it slouch down my shoulders to give my outfit a "I just woke up and threw this on".

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Line

I'm going to admit a skin problem for me though is my unseen acne.  Recently I always wondered why I had so much white heads till I found out that 

Acne can actually start forming under your skin weeks before you see it – “Unseen Acne”

Like if you are me and have clear skin did you know that even though our skin looks clear, it doesn’t mean acne isn’t already forming and in fact we probably have a great deal of unseen acne growing waiting to popout and cause a breakout!

NEUTROGENA scientists have discovered a way to see this “unseen acne,” through a proprietary Clinical Skin Imager. The high-tech camera reveals clogged pores that aren’t visible to the naked eye and they have came out with a cool way to fix this mess!

and like guys it's super simple all you have to do is start a clear skin routine now for clearer skin weeks from now!! 
I know that can be pretty tricky to start with aisles upon aisles of skin care products but Neutrogena has your back!

Did you know only Only Neutrogena has cleansers (and makeup) with MicroClear® which pushes  acne medicine deep down to the source of breakouts?

Neutrogena came out with a set of cleansers from the Pink Grape Fruit Line and sent me the line to give it a go and to follow their tips to see if my skin would clear up and guys I'm telling you right now it worked!

Basically use Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit 2x every day to fight both the acne you see and the acne you can’t see and Wash with Oil-Free Pink Grapefruit 2x/every day to fight both the acne you see and the acne you don’t see…yet

That's what I've been doing for the past two weeks and let me tell you guys it cleared my skin! Basically what it does is it finally causes your white heads to disappear and the hidden acne to finally come out into the open and the products slowly kill it and heal the spot. It's so great because whenever I do get acne I still have acne scars but the products actually cleared it up too! 

Swear, you guys should get the Pink grapfruit line from Neutragena because swear you will not regret it!
Neutrogena is doing a way cool thing too in relation to using the products and it's really simple;

All you have to do is take a bare faced selfie and hashtag #unseenacne and #neutrogenaselfie in your post also don't feel afraid to share any tips for taking the perfect selfie and if you do Neutrogena will send you a special package to help you fight your unseen acne!

Here is my selfie and yeees I went barefaced because no shame guys don't feel afraid to hide your face!!

Using Tips from Emma Robert I faced the sun and aimed a bit higher to get this rad selfie! My tips for you guys? Hold your phone a bit up and face it a bit forward for the perfect angle and usually sitting back or putting your hand on your waist gives you a better posture and makes you look more relaxed in the selfie! 

I hope you guys post a selfie and tag #unseenacne and #neutrogenaselfie I think it's a great way to share tips and also help girls feel a little bit less scared about showing off their great skin!

also a video with me using the products:

Thanks for editing and filming Sabrina

Monday, September 15, 2014


F21 SKIRT // Sabrina's shirt // Regal rose necklace

Happy Monday guys! Today's outfit is reminiscent of when I used to dress more hardcore and semi offensive back when I was 16 (I know what a weird age to be like that) 

I borrowed my friend's Sabrina 666 shirt and I love it! (thanks girlie!) The only annoyance was specifically men kept commenting on it like dude didn't your Mother tell you if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all?

Setting aside that annoyance I paired it with my leather green skirt because it matches the sporty material of the crop top. I threw on my creepers as a final touch because heels would not work with the boyish feel of this fit!  

photo creds to: Sabrina D

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lazy Life

Alexander Wang tee // American Apparel Disco Pants // NastyGal heels // F21 Cardigan // Grypsy Rose neckace // H&M Hat

Today's outfit is what I call my lazy outfit like seriously. I know I know it's totally not a lazy outfit but if you consider how outrageous I usually dress and factor in the fact I'm in fashion school I would say it's lazy.  

Anyway, I wore my plain white tee and matched it with my utility jacket because it's the perfect combo but to add a little extra I layered underneath my floral cardigan.  Layering is the way to go if you want your lazy outfits to look a little bit less lazy.  After I finished it with my black disco pants because the sleek shiny vibe it gives off adds a bit more.

Friday, September 12, 2014

In A Daze

ZARA jeans // AMERICAN APPAREL white crop top // NASTYGAL Moto cropped jacket // Topshop bag // NASTY GAL heels

Would you believe me guys if I said this was a lazy outfit for me? Probably not but I'm telling you now 9/10 times you see me wearing pants it usually indicates how lazy I'm feeling. 
Today I rocked your Mother jeans better than her (just kidding) with my white crop top. It's basically a twist to the simplistic plain white tee and jeans look.  Wearing Mom jeans easily look like you put a little bit effort. Don't you think it's weird how baggy jeans can actually make an outfit look put together? That's some reverse psychology there!   

A simple white tee is nice with baggy jeans but honestly it's best to wear a crop top!  I finished my look with my cross necklace you guys see all the time.  For shoes I wore my peep toe Nasty Gal heels. It was rather chilly after class so I wore my cropped leather jacket which works so well with my Mom Jeans. 

I basically created your standard Grease/ Motorcycle babe look but hey it's a classic look and it works!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Accomplishments of the Last Two Weeks

Hey guys long time no diary! I finally have the time to make one of my adventures from the last two weeks. So here it is guys basically all the pictures I took on my phone  (and some from my camera) uploaded heeeereee.