Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Like Eating

Seeing as I finish classes on Wednesday, my weekends pretty much start on Thursday.  Although really now I don't have a weekend because of all the assigned reading I have to get through before classes next week but...I still make time to go eat at cute places ok!!!

Went to my fav cafe with twice. We love this cafe it's located in Downtown and it's extremely cheap and the workers are so nice and friendly! :)

You Can't Escape

Let's rejoice that it's finally getting warm enough for me to ditch the jackets! Well, er okay honestly it will never be really hot here in the Bay Area but it's okay because as a Bay Area native I can handle the slightly chilly winds.  Cropped tops + high waisted skater skirts are the perfect combo.  I feel there is a secret formula behind it because whenever I wear my crops with my skirts they always meet perfectly half way.  What's so great about that is it makes any waistline look so much slimmer.  

Remember to add some statement jewelry because it helps balance an outfit.  I know I wear this necklace in pretty much every outfit but it always adds that final touch to my outfit.   If you ever want to add a bit more color or pattern to your outfit shoes are the best way to achieve this.  Since it's all the way down on your feet it's basically like adding a cherry on top of your outfit. 


Friday, January 30, 2015

Sorry For Nothing

What no jacket?  That's different, but it's ok guys because at least I still have my trust hat with me! 
Today's fit was taken before I left for college and let's give my best friend Shay some credit for taking the picture! 

Anyway, nothing wrong with an all black ensemble right!? Going all black is incredibly chic but of course being me I have to add some sass to it which is precisely why I wore my sorry crop top.  It breaks away from wearing a sophisticated all black outfit and makes people question what I could be sorry for? (the answer is nothing) 

When wearing all black remember to play with textures to mix it up like how I threw on my pleated pleather skirt.  It isn't an Allison outfit unless I add some color which is why I finished it with my cool toned Zara bag. 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Do You Really Know Me?

 "Allison why do you like dressing like a school girl?" - asked by no one

Is it even a big shocker at this point I would dress like a school girl at this point? I think not!  Today I went for a darker school girl tone.  Rocking my Red lips tee with my velvet blazer layered over with a very cute treasure box bag I'm really going old school for you guys.

 When you don't know what to wear it never hurts to throw on your plaid skirt and go crazy.
What makes a plaid skirt such a great skirt to wear is because of the emotional attachment it gives off.  Stay with me on this but let's get real when you see a girl rocking a plaid skirt you probably think Cher from Clueless and smile to yourself a little bit because that movie was killer.  Wearing items of clothing with an emotional attachment or a history to it well it's basically the equivalent of rocking a classic no matter how you go about wearing it usually it will always be a great outfit. 

What can I say guys I go mad for plaid! (ahhaha that took me a minute to think up)

American Apparel skirt
Wildfox shirt
Grandma's Blazer
Shelly's London

**Bag was given to me for for free for review**
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

MANNNNAAAAAAAA <333 We have Digital techniques together n it feels awesome because once again we have class together again! 

I had class at 8:30am this morning. Holy balls I forgot how painful it is to wake up at 6am. 
Anyway, I had English this morning and the first thing I thought walking in was why the fuck is desk so small? Is it to confine us??? Is it to limit the amount of shit we can fit on the desk OR is it a test to see how much shit we can fit in? idk idk.  

Look at that picture of my materials the ~*aesthetic~* is a beauty.  Also I drank two coffees within an hour and let me tell you guys I was wired. It was pretty funny because my friend also drank coffee so him and I were twitching about during visual merchandising class.  

After I went with Enrique to buy supplies for class ++ I took his daiso virginity SHABAM.

Bro let me tell you Daiso is your best friend when you are in college.

Anyway that was class summed up for you guys.  Outfit post FINALLY coming tomorrow! lol also I will now begin to try to find classmates to take my outfit pics again lettuce look forward to that and wish me luck in asking! :)

N see you tomorrow right now I got SLAMMED with a shitload of reading for all of my classes and REALLY I gotta start that shit

Monday, January 26, 2015

Another day another diary! Way sorry there hasn't been an outfit but I hope you understand I restarted school so until I adjust to my new schedule it will be a tinnny bit slower with outfit posts!  Don't worry though I'm instead going to try to update you with other types of post for nowww

This diary is actually before I left! Basically I went to get pizza with Shay one last time before I left, Wholefoods with Imani for groceries, and also the water pics you see are of my front yard lol

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Let me tell you when you find the perfect cardigan it's like finding your soulmate. You will literally wear that said cardigan all the flipping time.  It's because for one thing a cardigan is a closet essential and when you find in a color that matches your wardrobe and is a perfect fabric you're set.  

Today I decided to combat the ragged look of my cardigan with a white lace tee that is so long it's basically a sheer dress.  Sadly the problem with sheer anything is you must layer something underneath which is why hidden underneath is my rusted fake leather skirt; it gives my monochromatic look a bit of life again.