Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Necklace Wishlist

(L to R)

I'm 100% sure you guys are sick and tired of seeing my cross necklace all the time so I'm going to attempt to branch out and buy more necklaces which is why I'm sharing with you my Necklace wishlist!

(and also I'm showing you this because there is no outfit post today ;~;)

Anyway, see you guys Thursday with an outfit post! I'm currently finishing up some assignments and packing my dirty laundry up to take home for the holiday :-)

Monday, November 24, 2014

Feel It All Around

I could start by saying today I dressed like a school girl but to be frank when do I not dress like a school girl? (the answer is never) 

Today I played with my colors by throwing on my fav thrifted plaid skirt and matching it with my American Apparel crop top.  People keep telling me crop tops are going out of style and I think that's a load of shit because crop tops saves me the effort of having to tuck my shirt into skirts. That makes me extremely happy because less things to worry about when getting dressed in the dark. 

For my outerwear I wore my chunky mustard cardigan I wear once every week because it's basically like walking around in a giant blanket of warmth and love guys. 

That's the fit and have a happy Monday! If you are a student who has the week off for Thanksgiving I'm just going to throw it out here now that I'm extremely jealous of you. :p


Sunday, November 23, 2014


It's Friday night and you literally have nothing to do so what do you do with your upstairs neighbors? You bust out your #selfietats and go craaaazy! Seriously guys, it was a fun night picking out these awesome tats! I especially looove the lotus flower because I'm actually getting a lotus tattoo!  

Selfie Tats are basically temporary tattoos that actually last a really long time and they come in super cute designs as shown! I was so happy I got some sheets because no lie I have gotten a lot of compliments about them! Even my professors have told me they dig them and secretly my department is going nuts over them! 

They recently launched their website so check them out at www.selfietats.com  and go follow their instagram too! 

The owner is also extremely sweet and they are such a nice shop like I know you guys want to buy some now~ (like I admit I actually want more selfietats from them because they are adorbs ehhe)

So check www.selfietats.com out okay! :) 

Pick Up the Pieces

Sometimes I think people actually forget that if you layer it properly a dress can secretly double as a skirt! Today I wore my Minkpink dress and threw over my lace top for a cool skirt and shirt combo. I wore my sheer shirt mainly because why not show the world I am in fact wearing a dress underneath? My outfit was pretty girly and apparently it was supposed to rain today (but it didn't) so I wore my utility jacket for that masculine touch.

That's the post and have an awesome Sunday guys! To be frank I'm going to try to finish all of my homework so when I go home (whoop whoop) for the amazing day of Thanks I have nothing to worry about.

Get this look for $26+ on Lookastic: White Lace Sleeveless Top

Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's saturday and that means no outfit post but instead you guys get a diaaaarrrryyyy where you see me potentially embarrass myself on the internet.

Why am I *~*short~*~ ;~;

Luv my fellow Libra Krstyn <3

I was the first one to come to Marketing class when there was like 10 minutes before class...where are you class ?????


Friday, November 21, 2014

Lock In

It has happened guys I have combined everything I basically love which is floral print and school girl style into an outfit. It was bound to happened and now it's here.  I wore my classic white button up with my plaid skort from ZARA that sadly does which explains why it's so low on me. It's always a really great thing when I drop weight but a really bad thing because that means I have to go out and buy new skirts. 

Since I live in the city and I really do not want creeps whistling as me or pointing out I look like a school girl I threw on my floral print jacket. It totally works because the plaid isn't that prominent and it let's the floral shinneee. 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Topshop Wistlist

(Row by Row L to R) 

Around this time I become a little bit more selective about what to buy because it's sale season and because this is the time my very large family starts giving me money for the holidays.  It's due to this I usually make lists of what I want and to be honest I also select a store that I buy a shit load of stuff from. Apparently this year it's Topshop because I've spent the last hour going through the website (instead of doing homework) 

And so I'm sharing this list with you in case you guys want an idea of what I would buy or maybe to save you time from going through the website.