Friday, October 31, 2014



Happy Friday guys or should I say Happy Halloween! Personally I would love to dress up but I always forget to get a costume.  

Anyway, I guess you could say I did a costume like outfit (not really) I just dressed up in my usual school girl vibe so I don't really think that counts for anything. For my outfit I threw on my leather crop top and matched it with my pleated skirts. I didn't realize it actually looks like a dress till everyone in my department kept complimenting my "dress" 

Anyway that's the fit and have a nice Halloween guys and remember to be safe okay! :-)

Thursday, October 30, 2014



Here is kind of an outfit post(?) 

It's more of a half of a outfit post mainly because I'm only posting it on the blog and because it's a super easy outfit. (and also because I was way too tired last night to write and post a nicer outfit post) I actually wore this outfit to a workshop class I had on Saturday which explains why it's so lazy looking.  Funny story guys, my prof didn't even show up to Workshop! Ahaha crap it's alright because I stayed regardless and worked on my assignments for a few hours.

and that's the backstory of that outfit! I'll post tomorrow don't worry and maybe even Saturday to makeup for the lack of posting!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


OHOHOH it's time for a Diary! During the week I had midterms (boooo) so I didn't particularily do a lot but on Friday I went out to Cheesecake with my homies Shanzeh, Zoe, Sab, and Emily! Sadly homie Michelle couldn't make it but it's alright! :u

On Sunday I went with Sab to get her tattoo and to watch Emily get a tongue piercing! How rad!

oH YEAH it probably doesn't show a lot but I did get a nose piercing by the way hehe!

That was the very short diary and I'll catch you guys Thursday with an outfit post! :-)

Monday, October 27, 2014

You Couldn't See


I have came to the conclusion that when it's fall my brain naturally wants to dress in a school girl manner. I really don't know why my brain does this maybe because as a kid all I watched were shows where girls dressed in school uniforms..that's probably the reason.

Anyway today I played a bit with colors by matching my plaid blazer that is oh so fall appropriate with my AA skirt.  I rocked my knee high heels because they are fall appropriate, fit the school girl look I aim for etc etc (Do I really need to list more reasons?)

I finalized the look with my Nastygal backpack that doubles as a messenger which is so convenient  because no lie I have really bad shoulder problems from carrying my art supplies around San Francisco.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Nevermind the End


Sometimes do you just look at your outfit and think "how the hell did I come up with this it's genius" because I had that exact moment when I put on this cute outfit.  Staring at it I probably was inspired once again by Cher from Clueless. Honestly she didn't have that many outfits in the movie but you have to admit the few outfits she did have were such stylespiration it's ridiculous! 

Taking style advice from Cher you guys should try the crop top + longer dress top combo because it's easy, super cute, and if I may even add somewhat seductive. 

Apparently this outfit is also a great costume (??) according to this random guy so if you are struggling for a costume why not be Brokehell for Halloweenie!

Saturday, October 25, 2014


 BOOSH ANOTHER DIARY (aka the post where I basically ruin my street cred and shamelessly embarrass myself just for you guys) ((also the post where I don't edit))

Class just makes me feel a certain way


Went back home to visit Shay!!! YOU GUYS THOUGHT WE SEPARATED DIDNT U NAH WE DIDN'T lol but in all seriousness Shay and I are still homies to the point where the person who took our pizza pic thought we were dating.

MICHELLE N EMILY. Fun fact Michelle was my first friend here n we stay homies lol she is the best. n of course Emily because Emily is gr8.

idk how Lizard and I function in class because we just ~*~*hate eachother and wanna fight~*~*~*


See you guys SunYAY with an outfit and also p.s follow me on for more of meeeee

Friday, October 24, 2014


The biggest struggle for a girl is finding the perfect dress for special occasions like events, parties, cotillions, and even prom!  I remember in my final year of High School every girl constantly talked about their excitement for prom and finding the perfect dress. It’s such a stressful time finding a dress and although my anti prom dress/ Pretty in Pink dress was so fitting for me I actually stressed out a lot about finding a dress. (mainly because my peers had extremely high standards for me)   

Don’t even get me started with Cotillions I was under extreme pressure and was on the internet everyday looking for a dress for the occasion that I actually got my dress a week before the event!

And since I don’t want you guys to experience my stress I’m going to help a brotha out by suggesting a cute dress shop and it’s called Avivadress

It literally has everything from cocktail dresses, short prom dresses, long prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses, and even bridesmaid dresses (I know right so cool!)

It’s totally a life savior because there is a huge selection at a great price and they make a conscious effort to get your dress here on time!

I swear you guys should check it out because around Prom season (which is March/April season) the only thing my friends and I talked about was “what’s your prom dress look like”  or “where can I get a good prom dress!?” and a lot of my friends became stressed out because they found it hard to find one in stores and online was such a risk! I admit I risked mines so hard because I bought my Prom dress probably a 4 weeks before prom and got it online; what’s even worse was I gambled the sizing of my dress because they ran out of size so I had to size up and pray I could somehow work it!

I hope you guys felt the stress reading that which is why I highly suggest finding a prom dress now or even just selecting a possible prom dress and since  keeps their dresses in stock and makes them you are pretty much set for prom if you go to them! Let’s also acknowledge the fact that they ask you personally for your measurements and are totally open to you contacting them about specifics in regards to making your perfect dress! 

It’s totally great am I right?

The shop also carries party dresses and if you have friends who throw cotillions like mines or have to attend special events then you understand the need to be able to access a party dress easily.  Maybe it’s just me but I noticed that there is only a small time span when extremely nice party dresses are sold (probs because there is such a thing as party season) so when your friend decides to throw her cotty in the middle of October or even January you’ll find picking a nice decent dress is impossible. Which is why is great because looking through the site I saw some party dresses I would love to own and I’ll keep saved in my bookmarks in case I have to attend an event or party again! I would even suggest getting a dress for the holidays because that is the time when everyone just wants to party! (especially on new years!)

But enough of my rambling I think you guys get the idea that is a great place to find a cute dress for all occasions at a great price so why not browse and maybe even bookmark or buy a dress for that party, cotty, wedding, or even prom! :)

So check out Avivadress!