Tuesday, September 30, 2014


H&M Skirt / Thrift Vest // Ebay Blazer // American Apparel Crop top

Today's outfit reminds me of the days when I used layer crazy.  Although it lessened over the year I think I may slowly go back into it because if you are going to live in San Francisco or the chilly parts of the Bay Area you must know how to layer because the weather changes from hot to cold to freakin winy in a matter of minutes. Anyway, I actually thought it was going to rain so I wore my classic plaid blazer and layered on my denim vest for some spunk.  I wore my black tights with my pleather skirt which was such a waste since it actually became fairly warm..

Also Allison tip of the day: get textured skirts because they will always add some umph to your already cute outfit!

By the way my song addiction is currently Zoom by Last Dinosaurs if you want to take a whack and listen to it.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Clueless Witch

*Imani Cosmo Bag // Nasty Gal Bustier // H&M Plaid blazer

In today's outfit I'm attempting to channel my inner witch. Well okay trying because clearly I look a bit preppy. I'm like a Clueless Witch.  It's a fitting title considering I'm wearing Wicked from Lime Crime's Clueless Witch collection.

Anyway, I paired my white bustier with my black velvet skirt and added my black belt. I threw on my plaid blazer and finally busted out my tall black heels again on the hills of San Francisco.  

To accesorise I added my cute new cat bag gifted to me from Imanicosmo! They're such a rad shop with extremely cool and funky things so go check it out guys you really won't be disappointed!

**Bag is sponsored**

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Diary of the Last Week or so I forgot to Upload

Long time no Diary guys!! Way sorry I feel like considering I go out a lot I should have more diary posts but to be honest what I'm doing isn't extremely exciting. It's more of me going out to eat or walking class to class etc etc.

Friday, September 26, 2014

I Can't Help It


Words cannot describe how great it is when you absolutely love your outfit and your hair is on point. It's basically the joy of Christmas in an outfit.  I wore my ZARA mermaid skirt with a button up and belted it with a belt my 20 year old Brother wore when he was 8.  After I layered over my velvet jacket because I love how the pattern of my mermaid skirt and the texture of the jacket look!

My downfall was with these shoes...literally. The story is after a long day of being cute n stuff I was saying goodbye to my friend and you know I think my brain malfunctioned and forgot I live on the hills of SF and just fell. It was awkward let me tell you and know my legs are pretty bruised and now I rock a hello kitty bandaid as an accessory. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Suck It and See

Nasty Gal Pants // Alexander Wang baesic tee // Nasty Gal motto jacket

I feel like I forgot I own pants because all I wear is skirts but on the days when I bust open my pants box I remember that I actually own decently cute bottoms! I brought out my leopard print pants and mixed it with a plain white tee. Partly because I'm a lazy college student and also because a white t-shirt and leopard print pants looks niccceeee. I threw on my leather jacket because it's a necessity if you live in San Fran and like I have said in numerous outfit posts; leather and leopard are a perfect match.

That's the fit and just letting you guys know outfits may come every two days mainly due to me having a tedious amount of homework and lack of photographer. (everyone has classes different days)

but other than that I hope you liked the fit and have a awesome day guys

Monday, September 22, 2014

Try Harder


 Gasp it's the old background!  Did I leave school? Yeah I did actually to answer your question but only for a weekend to visit the rents (and to do laundry....) 

My fashion struggle way back then was how to do lazy casual but by the looks of this outfit I would say I finally captured somewhat how to achieve this.  Letting your cardigan slouch on your shoulders easily makes you look so carefree with your look and mixing in baggy Mom jeans screams I just woke up and needed something easy but stylish.   Funny story is I spent so much time trying to look really lazy I nearly missed the ferry to go home...whoops.

Time management just isn't my thing 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Second Guessing

TBA Reptile Boots // American Apparel Crop Top // H&M Blazer // ZARA bag // Regal Rose Necklace // AA denim mini skirt

In honor of Fashion Week I decided to post an outfit based on what I would wear if I went to Fashion Week.  I firmly believe that fashion week is actually the perfect time to dress casual and as true to your style as you possibly can. I see and hear a lot about how people try to put together these extremely elaborate outfits or wear things that don't fit their real style and I feel that defeats the purpose of even getting dressed for Fashion Week. You should dress in a way that's comfortable for you and also in a style that fits you. 

Talking I wore your basic white tee and basic denim but mixed it up a little by instead wearing my white crop top and denim skirt; and of course it's obviously from American Apparel.  

I threw on my oversized white blazer to add that touch of fanciness. Since I always need to add something print to my outfit so I added my reptile booties.  To top it off I wore my regal rose necklace to add some umph and my cute pink handbag because I'm Pretty in Pink if you guys haven't forgotten and because this bag is so functional like I can fit my DSLR, a water bottle, my wallet, and even my polaroid in here; I call it my Mary Poppins bag!

So that's the fit and sorry if it's a tad bit long but let's remember guys the best style is a style where you really don't give much care to what others think and rock what you want.